Chris Humphreys Photography is a multi-disciplinary photography company with a speciality and approach that centres on the built environment. Architectural photography is carried out by Chris Humphreys throughout the UK,

Exterior architectural photography is undertaken at specific times of the day to suit the final purpose of the image. A bright crisp sunny day often shows off buildings to their best but can conceal the interior spaces. Evening or night photography on the other hand can provide a connection between the interior and exterior of a building which can create a very dynamic image. We can advise on the best approach to take based on the building’s design, layout and orientation.

Consideration should also be given to a building’s setting, whether it be in an urban or rural environment. A good photograph can show how a building relates to its surroundings, capturing the design intent. This may mean capturing several photographs from a distance using a telephoto lens to compress the perspective and foreshorten the field of view. Or perhaps capturing a photograph from close to the building looking away toward the landscape in which it sits.

Architectural Photography has changed considerably in recent years, digital photography now allows us much more control over the available light in post-processing. HDRi or High Dynamic Range Imaging together with Exposure Blending produces results much closer to the perceived dynamic range of the human eye. Chris Humphreys Photography has embraced this technology and employs the very latest techniques and software to deliver stunning images.

For information on the services we offer, or if you have any enquiries, please email Chris directly at or see our contact page for further contact information.

architectural photography

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