Chris Humphreys Photography - Architectural, Interior and Commercial Photography in Scotland and throughout the UK.

Chris Humphreys is both an architect and architectural photographer. He has practised in Edinburgh for 23 years developing a deep understanding of how to present completed projects in the best possible way. Chris has a natural eye for composition, lighting and detail. This unique position enables him to translate your brief and interpret your needs more accurately. His strong graphics background enables him to capture and process photographs in a way which achieves maximum visual impact.

He believes that good architectural photography is not just about documenting spaces, but capturing the design intent behind the space. As an architect, he cognitively knows the way in which buildings and interior spaces are best presented.

Chris captures clean simple images, he has a flexible approach to photography and will always endeavour to meet the clients' needs.

For information on services offered, or if you have any enquiries, please email Chris directly at or see our contact page for further contact information.

Chris Humphreys


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